Interview Tips

First Impressions count – You will never get a second chance so prepare yourself fully!!!

  • Be prepared and know your CV
  • Research the company and the job role if required
  • Dress to Impress and look smart
  • Arrive ten minutes early
  • Have some relevant questions prepared about the job role and company
  • Ensure that you have the correct address and plan you route in advance (Get a contact number in case of delays)
  • Do not wear lots of jewellery or inappropriate clothing
  • Do not wear too much perfume or aftershave as it can be overbearing
  • Do not chew gum
  • Do not smoke just before the interview (you may not smell it but they will)
  • Maintain eye contact when speaking to and being spoken too.
  • Show confidence and enthusiasm but be restrained
  • Make sure that you confirm your interest in the job before leaving
  • Conclude the interview with a handshake and thank the interviewer for their time
  • After the interview speak to your consultant and tell them how the interview went